In database:
0-15927 cm-1
0-260 nm
Oxygen (O2)
Molecular weight 32 amu
Boiling point -183 C
HITRAN number: 7

Line list from HITRAN
Data from 0 to 15927 cm-1
Images of HITRAN data
Images of HITRAN data in microns
Images of HITRAN data on a log scale

UV line list from HITRAN
Data from 175 to 224 nm
Images of HITRAN uv data in wavenumbers and nm

UV cross-sections
Data received from David Crisp and Yuk Yung
Image of data from .002 to .245 microns.

Please see The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas
Image of the Herzberg band from 190 to 260 nm
Image in the Schumann-Runge region (log scale) from 180 to 200 nm

Additional References
Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of the O2 Herzberg Bands. III. Absorption Cross Sections of the Collison-Induced Bands and of the Herzberg Continuum; S. Fally et al.; J.Mol.Spec. 204:10-20 (2000).
Figure 1, data from 34000-42000 cm-1

Notes o2
n1 1556 cm-1

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