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Earth through orbit model spectra

The links below take you to gzipped files of model-generated spectra of Earth taken over the course of an orbit. Model observations were recorded every four hours (i.e., six observations per day), so each gzipped file contains 6x365=2,190 spectra. Spectra are sequentially numbered, with '0000' corresponding to January 1st, 2008, at which point Earth is assumed to be at the largest possible phase angle (e.g., 180 ° for the edge-on case). The file headers contain information about the sub-observer and sub-solar latitude and west longitude, and the two columns (beginning at line 29) are wavelength (in microns) and radiance (in W/m2/µm/sr). Note that the database links below correspond to different system inclinations, with 90 ° corresponding to viewing the orbit edge-on.

The spectra were generated for the work presented in Robinson et al. (2010) using the model described in Robinson et al. (2011). Note that an "average" atmosphere was assumed for Earth in these runs, so that the thermal portions of these spectra contain no information about spatial variations in Earth's atmospheric temperature structure. Thus, variability at thermal wavelengths is due to rotation and time-varying cloudiness.

If you use these spectra in your work, please cite:
Robinson, et. al. 2011, Astrobiology, 11, 393. bibtex

More information can be found at:

Model Description:

Whole-Orbit Runs:

The gzipped files below are 3.4 GB each.