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EPOXI model spectra

Model-generated 24-hour average spectra of Earth on 03/19/2008, 05/29/2008, and 06/06/2008, as observed by the EPOXI spacecraft. Our model includes realistic scattering, absorption, and emission from the atmosphere, clouds, and surface, and is described in Robinson et al. (2011). File headers include relevant information regarding the sub-solar and sub-observer latitude, and the two columns (beginning at line 29) are wavelength (in µm) and radiance (in W/m2/µm/sr). Note that the phase angles for these observations are 57.7 °, 75.1 °, and 76.6 °. If you use these spectra in your work, please cite:

Robinson, et. al. 2011, Astrobiology, 11, 393. bibtex

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