In database:
600-6500 cm-1
19.7-248 nm
Sulfur Hexaflouride (SF6)
146.05 g/mole
Freezing point -50 C
Boiling point (sublimes)
HITRAN number: 30

Infrared cross-sections from PNNL
FTIR infrared cross-sections from 560 to 6000 cm-1
Data available at 5 C, 25 C, and 50 C
Spectra is composite of on the order of 10 different pressures,backfilled with nitrogen to 760 T.
Images of PNNL data in wavenumbers
Images of PNNL data in microns

Infrared cross-sections from HITRAN
FTIR infrared cross-sections from 925 to 950 cm-1.
32 T/P combinations available:
Temp (K) Pres.1 (T) Pres.2 (T) Pres.3 (T) Pres.4 (T) Pres.5 (T)
Images of HITRAN data

Line list from HITRAN
Data from 942 to 950 cm-1.
Images of HITRAN data

Other references
Please see The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas

First high-resolution Raman spectrum and analysis of the v5 bending fundamental of SF6; V. Boudon and D. Bermejo; J. Mol. Spec. 213:139-144 Jun 2002
Figure 1 showing 524-542 cm-1
High-resolution spectroscopy and analysis of the v4 bending region of SF6 near 615 cm-1; V. Boudon, G. Pierre and H. Burger; J. Mol. Spec. 205(2):304-311 Feb 2001
Figure 1 showing 600-630 cm-1
Simultaneous Analysis of the v2 Raman and v2+v6 Infrared Spectra of the SF6 Molecule; D. Bermejo et al.; J. Mol. Spec. 201(1):164-171 May 2000

n1 near 775 cm-1, Raman active
n2 near 643 cm-1, Raman active
n3 stretching fundamental near 948 cm-1
n4 near 615 cm-1
n5 bending fundamental, Raman active, 524 cm-1
n6 inactive in both Raman and infrared 346 cm-1

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