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Proxima Centauri Spectrum

Spectra for Proxima Centauri from Meadows V. S., Arney G. N., Schwieterman E. W., Lustig-Yaeger J., Lincowski A. P., Robinson T., Domagal-Goldman S. D., Barnes R. K., Fleming D. P., Deitrick R., Luger R., Driscoll P.E., Quinn T. R., Crisp D. (2018).
The Habitability of Proxima Centauri b: II: Environmental States and Observational Discriminants.

The following plot and data file give the stellar flux of Proxima Centauri from the UV into the MIR at a distance of 1 AU. Please refer to Meadows et al. 2018 for a complete description. Data is given as a .txt file.

If you make use of these data, please reference Meadows et al., 2018

Proxima Centauri
data file for above Proxima Centauri plot