In database:
0-3676 cm-1
190-260 nm
Hydroperoxy radical (HO2)
Molecular weight: 33.01 amu
HITRAN number: 33

Line list from HITRAN 2008
Data from 0 to 3676 cm-1
Images of HITRAN data on a log scale

Line list from HITRAN
Data from 0 to 3676 cm-1
Images of HITRAN data in wavenumbers
Images of HITRAN data in microns

UV cross-sections
Please see The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas

Additional References
High-Resolution Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy of the O-H Stretch Overtone Band (2,0,0)<-(0,0,0) of the HO2 radical; J.D. DeSain, A.D. Ho, and C.A. Taatjes; J.Mol.Spec. 219:163-169 (2003).
Figures 2 and 3

High-Resolution Study of the A2A'->X2A" Transition of HO2: Analysis of the 000-000 Band; E.H. Fink and D.A. Ramsay; J.Mol.Spec. 185:304-324 (1997)
Figures 1 and 2

Fundamental frequencies from NIST Chemistry Webbook
n1 3436.2 cm-1 OH stretch
n2 1391.75 cm-1 bend
n3 1097.63 cm-1 OO stretch

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