In database:
525-6500 cm-1
195-290 nm
Ethyl nitrite (C2H5ONO)
Molecular weight 75.067 g/mole
Freezing point -35 C
Boiling point 17.4 C

Infrared cross-sections from PNNL
FTIR infrared cross-sections from 525 to 6500 cm-1
Data available at 5 C, 25 C, and 50 C
Spectra is composite of on the order of 10 different pressures,backfilled with nitrogen to 760 T.
Images of PNNL data in cm2/molecule vs. wavenumbers
Images of PNNL data in cm2/molecule vs. microns

UV cross-sections
Please see The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas

Additional References
Quantum Chemical Investigation of Structures, Rotational Barriers, and Vibrational Spectra of the Rotamers of Ethyl Nitrite (CH3CH2ONO); H.U. Suter and M. Nonella; J.Phys.Chem. A 101:5580-5586 (1997).
Figure 1 shown below.
Figure 4 showing 200-1700 cm-1 in an argon matrix.

Notes c2h5ono

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