In database:
580-7200 cm-1
50-150 nm
180-256 nm
Chloroform (CHCl3)
Molecular weight 119.3779
Freezing point: -63.7 C
Boiling point: 61.7 C

Infrared cross-sections from PNNL
FTIR infrared cross-sections from 580 to 7200 cm-1
Data available at 5 C, 25 C, and 50 C
Spectra is composite of on the order of 10 different pressures,backfilled with nitrogen to 760 T.
Images of PNNL data in cm2/molecule vs. wavenumbers
Images of PNNL data in cm2/molecule vs. microns

UV cross-sections
Please see The MPI-Mainz UV/VIS Spectral Atlas

Additional References
High-Resolution Infrared Studies of n1, 2n1, and 2n4 Bands of CH35Cl3; J. Pietila, S. Alanko, V.-M. Horneman, and R. Anttila; J.Mol.Spec. 216:271-283 (2002).
Fig. 1 showing 3032.5-3035 cm-1.
Fig. 3 showing 5936.5-5944.5 cm-1.

Fundamental frequencies from NIST Chemistry Webbook
n1 3034 cm-1 (a1) CH stretch
n2 680 cm-1 (a1) CCl3 s-stretch
n3 363 cm-1 (a1) CCl3 s-deform
n4 1220 cm-1 (e) CH bend
n5 774 cm-1 (e) CCl3 d-stretch
n6 261 cm-1 (e) CCl3 d-deform

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