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152-398 nm
Dinitrogen pentoxide (N2O5)
Molecular weight
Freezing point
Boiling point

UV cross-sections
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Additional References
Infrared and Microwave Molecular-Beam Studies of N2O5; J.L. Domenach, G.T. Fraser, A. R. Hight Walker, W.J. Lafferty, and R.D. Suenram; J.Mol.Spec. 184:172-176 (1997).
Figure 1 showing 1246-1247 cm-1.

Infrared Spectrum and Theoretical Study of the Dinitrogen Pentoxide Molecule (N2O5) in solid argon; I. Zhun, X. Zhou, and R. Liu; J.Chem.Phys. 104:11366-11367 (1996).
Figure 1 shown below.

The Far-Infrared Spectrum of N2O5 in the Gas Phase; F.C. De Lucia, B.P. Winnewisser, M. Winnewisser, and G. Pawelke; J.Mol.Spec. 136:151-156 (1989).

Notes n2o5
Fundamental frequencies from Zhun et al. (calculations for matrix) /NIST Chemistry Webbook
n1 1792 cm-1 (a) N=O asym-stretch / 1720 cm-1 (a) NO2 a-stretch
n2 1382 cm-1 (a) N=O sym-stretch / 1338 cm-1 (a) NO2 s-stretch
n3 886 cm-1 (a) NO2 sym-bend / 860 cm-1 (a)
n4 811 cm-1 (a) wag and NO2 bend /
n5 683 cm-1 (a) wag and NO2 rock /
n6 381 cm-1 (a) N-O-N sym-stretch /
n7 219 cm-1 (a) N-O-N bend /
n8 62 cm-1 (a) torsion /
n9 1792 cm-1 (b) N=O asym-stretch / 1720 cm-1 (b) NO2 a-stretch
n10 1286 cm-1 (b) N=O sym-stretch / 1246 cm-1 (b) NO2 s-stretch
n11 753 cm-1 (b) NO2 sym-bend / 743 cm-1 (b)
n12 740 cm-1 (b) wag / 614 cm-1 (b)
n13 568 cm-1 (b) NO2 rock / 557 cm-1 (b)
n14 345 cm-1 (b) N-O-N asym-stretch / 353 cm-1 (b)
n15 48 cm-1 (b) torsion / 50 cm-1 (b)

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