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Stellar Spectra
Five stellar spectra are provided from publications by the VPL team. All span the range from far-ultraviolet to far-infrared. These exist for: the Sun; the F2V HD128167; the G0V low-activity star HD114710; the G0V high-activity star HD206860; and the K2V star HD22049. All products are described in some detail by Segura, A., Krelove, K., Kasting, J.F., Sommerlatt, D., Meadows, V., Crisp, D., Cohen, M. and Mlawer, E. 2003, ``Ozone Concentrations and Ultraviolet Fluxes on Earth-Like Planets Around Other Stars", Astrobiology, 3(4),689. bibtex

Except for the Sun, each star has had an empirical ultraviolet spectrum smoothly merged with the absolutely normalized photospheres in the 3000-4000 Angstrom region. Segura et al. indicate the way in which these UV spectra were formed by the coaddition of IUE SW (far-UV) and LW (near-UV) observed spectra, and tested in the optical against consistently calibrated optical spectra when available. They suffice to show the manner in which all these dwarfs show varying amounts of chromospheric emission that can be several orders of magnitude brighter than the stellar photospheric radiation. It is these UV portions of the spectra that power the important oxygen photochemistry in the atmospheres of putative planets orbiting these stars.

The following plots and data are star fluxes at the distance of the star from Earth. The publication shows fluxes for each star as they would be received at the top of the atmosphere of a planet in the habitable zone.

Data sets are linked here as txt files in two columns, where the left column is in microns and the right column is in W/cm^2/micron. Please refer to the above paper, Segura, et.al. when making use of any of these data.

(All y-axis units are in W/cm^2/micron and x-axis units are in microns.)
txt file of Sun data

F2V Star HD128167
txt file of HD128167 data

G0V Low-activity Star HD114710
txt file of HD114710 data

G0V High-activity Star HD206860
txt file of HD206860 data

K2V Star HD22049
txt file of HD22049 data