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Formula Names
C H Cl3 Chloroform, Trichloromethane, Freon 20, Formyl trichloride
C H N Hydrogen cyanide, Hydrocyanic acid, Formonitrile, Prussic acid
C H2 O Formaldehyde, Methanal, Formic aldehyde, Methyl aldehyde
C H2 O2 Formic acid, Methanoic acid, Aminic acid, Formylic acid, Hydrogen caroxylic acid
C H3 Methyl radical
C H3 Cl Methyl chloride, Freon 40, Chloromethane, Monochloromethane
C H3 Cl O2 S Methanesulfonyl chloride, Methanesulfuryl chloride, Mesyl chloride, CH3SO2Cl
C H3 F Methyl fluoride, Fluoromethane, Freon 41
C H3 N O2 Methyl nitrite, methyl ester of nitrous acid, CH3ONO
C H3 N O2 Nitromethane, Nitrocarbol, CH3NO2
C H3 N O3 Methyl nitrate
C H3 N O S Methyl thionitrite
C H4 Methane, Methyl hydride
C H4 O Methanol, Methyl alcohol, Carbinol, Methyl hydroxide, Methylol, Wood alcohol
C H4 S Methyl mercaptan, Methanethiol, Mercaptomethane, Methyl sulfhydrate
C H5 N Methylamine, Methanamine, Aminomethane, Carbinamine, CH3NH2
C2 H Ethynyl radical
C2 H2 Acetylene, Ethyne, Ethine, Narcylen, Acetylen, Vinylene
C2 H2 O Ketene, Etenone, Carbomethene, Keto-ethylene, Ethylenone
C2 H2 O2 Glyoxl, Ethanedial, Diformyl, Glyoxal aldehyde, 1,2-Ethanedione
C2 H3 Vinyl radical
C2 H3 N Acetonitrile, Methyl cyanide, Cyanomethane
C2 H4 Ethylene, Ethene, Acetene, Elayl, Athylen
C2 H4 O Acetaldehyde, Ethanal, Ethyl aldehyde, Acetic aldehyde
C2 H4 O2 Acetic acid, Vinegar acid, Ethanoic acid, Ethylic acid, Glacial acetic acid, CH3COOH
C2 H4 O2 Glycolaldehyde, Hydroxyacetaldehyde, Methylol formaldehyde, HOCH2CHO
C2 H4 O2 Methyl formate, Methyl methanoate, HCOOCH3
C2 H5 Ethyl radical
C2 H5 N O2 Ethyl nitrite, Ethyl ester nitrous acid, Nitrosyl ethoxide, C2H5ONO
C2 H5 N O2 Nitroethane, C2H5NO2
C2 H6 Ethane, Bimethyl, Dimethyl, Ethyl hydride, Methylmethane
C2 H6 O Ethanol, Ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH
C2 H6 O Dimethyl ether, Methyl ether, Wood ether, Methoxymethane, CH3OCH3
C2 H6 O S Dimethyl sulfoxide, DMSO
C2 H6 S Dimethyl sulfide, DMS, Dimethyl thioether, Methyl Monosulfide, Thiobismethane, Thiopropane
C2 H6 S2 Dimethyl disulfide, DMDS, 2,3-Dithiabutane
C2 H7 N Ethylamine, Ethanamine, Aminoethane
C3 H3 Propargyl radical
C3 H4 Propyne, 1-Propyne, Methylacetylene, Allylene, Propine, CH3CCH
C3 H4 Allene, 1,2-Propadiene, Dimethylenemethane, CH2CCH2
C3 H4 N2 Pyrazole, 1H-Pyrazole, 1,2-Diazole
C3 H4 O Acrolein, 2-Propenal, Acrylaldehyde, CH2CHCHO
C3 H4 O2 Glycidaldehyde, Glycidal, Propionaldehyde, CH2OCHCHO
C3 H5 Allyl radical, CH2CHCH2
C3 H6 Cyclopropane, Trimethylene
C3 H6 Propylene, Propene, Methylethylene, Methylethene
C3 H6 O Acetone, Dimethyl ketone, Propanone, Pyroacetic ether, (CH3)2CO
C3 H6 O Propanal, Propionaldehyde, Methylacetaldehyde, C2H5CHO
C3 H6 O2 Ethyl formate, Formic ether
C3 H6 O2 Acetol, Hyroxyacetone, 1-Hydroxy-2-Propanone, Acetone alcohol, Acetylcarbinol
C3 H7 Isopropyl radical, 2-Propyl radical
C3 H7 Propyl radical, 1-Propyl radical
C3 H8 Propane, Dimethylmethane, Propyl hydride, Freon 290
C3 H8 O Isopropyl, 2-Propanol, Isopropanol, Rubbing alcohol
C3 H8 O Propanol, 1-Propanol, Propyl alcohol, C3H7OH
C3 H8 O Methyl ethyl ether, Ethyl methyl, Methoxyethane, C2H5OCH3
C4 H2 Butadiyne, Biacetylene, Biethynyl, Diacetylene
C4 H4 Vinylacetylene, 1-Buten-3-yne, 1-Butenyne, Ethynylethene
C4 H4 O Furan, Divinylene oxide, Oxole, Oxacyclopentadiene
C4 H4 S Thiophene, Thiofuran, Thiole, Divinylene sulfide, Thiacyclopentadiene
C4 H5 N Pyrrole, 1H-Pyrrole, Azole, Divinylenimine
C4 H6 Butyne, 1-Butyne, Ethylacetylene, Ethylethyne, CH3CH2CCH
C4 H6 Butadiene, 1,3-Butadiene, Biethylene, Divinyl, Vinylethylene, CH2CHCHCH2
C4 H6 O Methyl vinyl ketone, Methylene acetone, Butenone
C4 H8 Butene, 1-Butene, Ethylethylene, 1-Butylene
C4 H8 Isobutene, Isobutylene, Methylpropene
C4 H8 O Methyl ethyl ketone, 2-Butanone, Methylacetone
C4 H10 Butane, Diethyl, Freon 600, Methylethylmethane
C4 H10 Isobutane, 2-Methylpropane, 1,1-Dimethylethane
C4 H10 O Diethyl ether, Ethyl ether, Ethoxy ethane, Anaesthetic ether, C2H5OC2H5
C4 H10 O Methyl propyl ether, Methoxypropane, CH3OC3H7
C4 H10 O Butanol, Butyl alcohol, 1-Butanol, C4H9OH
C5 H5 N Pyridine, Azabenzene, Azine
C5 H8 Cyclopentene
C5 H10 Pentene, 1-Pentene, Propylethylene
C5 H12 Pentane, Amyl hydride
C5 H12 Isopentane, 2-methylbutane, 1,1,2-Trimethylethane
C5 H12 O Pentanol, 1-Pentanol, Amyl alcohol
C6 H2 Hexatriyne, 1,3,5-Hexatriyne
C6 H6 Benzene, Phenyl hydride, Annulene, Carbon oil, Coal naphtha
C6 H6 O Phenol, Carbolic acid, Benzenol, Hydroxybenzene, Oxybenzene
C6 H10 Cyclohexene, Tetrahydrobenzene
C6 H10 O Cyclohexanone, Anon, Anone, Sextone, Pimelic ketone
C6 H12 Cyclohexane, Hexahydrobenzene, Hexamethylene
C6 H12 O Cyclohexanol, Cyclohexyl alcohol, Adronal
C6 H14 Hexane, Hexyl hydride
C7 H7 Benzyl radical
C7 H8 Toluene, Methylbenzene, Phenylmethane
C7 H14 Heptene, 1-Heptene, Heptylene
C7 H16 Heptane, Heptyl hydride, Dipropylmethane
C8 H18 Octane
C8 H18 Isooctane, 2,2,4-trimethylpentane
C Cl N O3 S Chlorosulfonyl isocyanate, CSI
C Cl4 Carbon tetrachloride, Benzinoform, Freon 10
C F2 O Carbonyl fluoride, Carbonic difluoride, Carbon oxyfluoride
C O Carbon monoxide, Carbon oxide
C O S Carbonyl sulfide, Carbon oxide sulfide, Carbon oxysulfide
C O2 Carbon dioxide, Carbon oxide, Carbonic acid, Carbonic anhydride, dry ice
C S2 Carbon disulfide, Dithiocarbonic anhydride
C2 N2 Cyanogen, Ethanedinitrile, Carbon nitride, Oxalic acid dinitrile, dicyan
H Br Hydrogen bromide, Hydrobromic acid
H Br O Hypobromous acid
H Cl Hydrogen chloride, Hydrochloric acid
H Cl O Hypochlorous acid
H F Hydrogen fluoride, Hydrofluoric acid
H I Hydrogen iodide, Hydriodic acid
H N O2 Nitrous acid, Nitrosyl hydroxide
H N O3 Nitric acid, Azotic acid, Hydrogen nitrate
H O Hydroxy radical, Hydroxyl
H O2 Hydroperoxy radical, Hydroperoxo
H2 Hydrogen, Dihydrogen
H2 O Water, Dihydrogen oxide
H2 O2 Hydrogen peroxide
H2 S Hydrogen sulfide, Hydrosulfuric acid, Sulfur hydride
H3 N Ammonia
H3 P Phosphine, Hydrogen phosphide
H4 N2 Hydrazine, Diazene, Diamide, Diamine, Amerzine, Levoxine
Br O Bromine Monoxide
Cl N O3 Chlorine nitrate
Cl O Chlorine oxide, Monochlorine monoxide
Cl2 O2 S Sulfuryl chloride, Chlorosulfuric acid, Sulfonyl chloride, Sulfuric chloride
Cl3 P S Thiophosphoryl chloride, Phosphorus thiochloride, Phosphine sulfide
F2 O2 S Sulfuryl fluoride, Sulfonyl fluoride, Sulfur dioxide difluoride, Vikane
F6S Sulfur hexaflouride
I O Iodine oxide
N O Nitric oxide, Nitrogen oxide, Nitrogen monoxide
N O + Nitrogen oxide cation, Nitrosyl ion
N O2 Nitrogen dioxide, Nitro, Nitrogen peroxide
N O3 Nitrate radical
N2 Nitrogen
N2 O Nitrous oxide, Dinitrogen monoxide, Laughing gas
N2 O3 Dinitrogen trioxide
N2 O4 Dinitrogen tetraoxide
N2 O5 Dinitrogen pentoxide
O Oxygen
O2 Oxygen
O2 S Sulfur dioxide, Sulfurous acid anhydride
O3 Ozone, triatomic oxygen
O3 S Sulfur trioxide, Sulfur oxide, Sulfan, Sulfuric anhydride
O4 Oxygen dimer, O2-O2

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